People & Culture

Our colleagues are empowered to be artisans of their careers.

Genuineness and empathy are central to our culture. Our openness towards diversity in mindsets, viewpoints, and personalities is how we thrive as a global company. An environment of belonging and purpose sets the stage for growth, while active engagement fuels passion in the workplace. We value lifelong learning and are committed to supporting your professional development from the moment you join our family.

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We attract and retain the best talents by building a culture of appreciation. Everyone’s ideas will always be heard and the opportunity for growth is our promise

Cristiano Rinaldi

President, Capella Hotel Group

A Promise of Care

People are the beating heart of Capella. As part of our Candidate Care Programme, we are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment to attract and retain the best talents.


Recruitment at Capella takes on a holistic approach. We partner with leading human resource consulting firm Talent Plus to identify highly engaged candidates that would experience a fulfilling career with us. Our behavioural-based interviews place great emphasis on candidates’ competencies, expertise, and culture fit, ensuring the right talent is chosen. We believe recruitment is an ongoing dialogue and all candidates will have the chance to interact with various associates and leaders to learn more about the company.

Learning and Development

We are dedicated to our colleague’s professional growth from the day they join. From orientation day, colleagues are paired with a certified learning coach who will empower them right tools to reach greater heights. Our Capella Learning Curriculum aligns with Forbes Travel Guide – the global authority on luxury hospitality – to shape our colleagues into leaders of their respective fields. Inculcating a culture of learning and commitment to excellence, colleagues benefit from a productive and impactful communication cycle with management and peers.

As ardent supporters of continuous learning, colleagues are given endless opportunities to upskill and develop themselves, both traditionally and laterally. All colleagues of Capella will enjoy complimentary access to over a thousand specialised online hospitality modules for flexible learning.

Performance Enrichment

Leveraging insight gathered from Talent Plus, we are able to scientifically identify colleagues’ natural strengths and harness their talent for maximum success. Our Capella Competency Framework ensures a stringent performance enrichment, including a 12-month Mentorship Programme for high potential colleagues as well as a structured Performance Improvement Plan for colleagues who require more support.

Compensation and Benefits

Our culture of acknowledgement means we recognise and reward the value our colleagues bring to the company. Collaborating with Mercer, we have curated a competitive compensation package that surpasses the industry’s benchmark and aligns with performance. Employee benefits are rooted in our commitment to retaining and engaging top talents, and we stay up to date with benefit trends of each locale to offer colleagues the best.


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