Sustainability and Social Impact

Creating a lasting positive impact in the exceptional destinations we are entrusted with.

Sustainability is firmly embedded in all our projects, from how we source, build and operate. As we expand our global reach, we recognise it is our responsibility to shape a world where communities thrive and the environment is protected. Continuous improvement guides our approach to sustainability, and we constantly seek ethical solutions, products and partners to meet current and future needs.

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Community Engagement

Facilitating change for future generations.

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Capella Youth x Solar Buddy

Capella Hotels and Resorts seeks to illuminate the lives of youth in our community and beyond. It is our belief that all children deserve proper education to build a sustainable future for themselves and those of generations to come. Under our Capella Youth initiatives, we offer guidance and support to help youth harness their full potential – whether it’s through hospitality mentorship for the underprivileged or teaching English to locals in Bali. To amplify our outreach efforts, we’ve partnered with SolarBuddy – a non-governmental organisation dedicated to alleviating energy poverty amongst youth through the gift of clean, reliable light. Youth in our community will benefit from a productive study environment after dusk, determining their own future and those of generations to come.

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In our pledge for environmental excellence, we invest in innovative practices to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

During the construction of Capella Ubud, existing of the landscape were preserved, with not a single tree cut down. We reduced energy consumption by 12% by using prefabricated materials in the creation of Patina Maldives. And our supply chain focuses on maximising Circular Economy to improve resource efficiency.

Our partnership with EarthCheck also ensures our green initiatives align with the highest level of ecotourism practices. Across all our properties, we opt for alternative packaging to plastics while permaculture gardens help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To significantly reduce consumption and cost, we implement water-saving and energy-efficient solutions.

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