About Us

The Capella Hotel Group is in business to create value and unparalleled results for our owners by creating products which fulfil individual customer expectations

We deliver reliable, genuinely caring and timely service superior to the competition, with respected and empowered employees who work in an environment of belonging and purpose. We are supportive and contributing members of society, operating with uncompromising values, honor, and integrity.

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Hotels, Resorts & Residences





Our Heritage

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Pontiac Land

Supported with over 50 years of expertise, Capella Hotel Group is the hospitality arm of privately-owned luxury real estate developer Pontiac Land. Collaborating with award-winning architects and designers, Pontiac Land has developed a collection of iconic properties in prime locations, with over US$12 billion in shareholders equity. At Capella, we share the same values as Pontiac Land, which is to define excellence and exceptional service.

Our Hotels & Resorts

Visionary design elevated with honest-to-heart hospitality.

Across both brands under the Capella Hotel Group are a formation of hotels and resorts located in incredible destinations. Our sensibility towards the depths of our surroundings, heritage and community allows us to design properties that blend effortlessly into the natural landscape. We traverse beyond the unexpected; in search of purpose, connection and the new to bring experiential hospitality to the forefront of our guests’ travel stories.

Our Residences

Rediscover the meaning of home with bespoke service and world-class facilities.

Our residences appeal to well-travelled individuals with an appreciation for Capella’s impeccable hospitality and the design intelligence of our brands. Managed by our team of consummate hotel service professionals, each well-appointed residence invites owners to relish the comforts of a private home while enjoying the full luxuries of outstanding hotel amenities and round-the-clock care.


Holistic, personalised and intuitive.

Wellness hospitality is redefined at Auriga Wellness and FLOW. We take on an integrative approach towards the betterment of guests’ well-being, focusing on all dimensions of oneself – from physical to spiritual, mental and emotional. Experts of each field guide our renowned programming, while cutting-edge technology and premium products champion our treatments.


Unique concepts that elevate the diverse culinary landscape.

Creativity and the use of high-quality ingredients set the stage for our F&B concepts. Each restaurant and bar write their own story, differentiating from each other in design and taste while staying united in their penchant for offering enticing experiences for in-house guests and locals. We seek partnership with celebrity chefs of the highest calibre and hone emerging talents to compose the most intriguing of menus, with highly-skilled teams who view service as the equal art of gastronomy. At Capella, we are inspired by heritage and culinary patrimony, while Patina embraces umami essence through its respect for Mother Earth, with its signature plant-based restaurant Roots finding a home at all hotels and resorts.

Capella Hotels and Resorts aims to incorporate sustainable and ethical procurement practices into our business operations. With this in mind, Capella Hotels and Resorts are committed to sourcing 100% of our eggs (shell, liquid, and egg products) from cage-free sources throughout our global operations for all owned, managed, and franchised properties by the end of 2025. Since making our commitment in 2022, 70% of our hotels and resorts proudly source cage-free eggs exclusively and we'll be sure to update our progress on this important issue regularly.

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